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Digital screens at the point of care.

Health TV launched in the UAE in 2018 and is brought to the region by the CEO that developed Medical Media, the largest digital health network in Australia. Now based in Dubai Media City, our digital screens are located in waiting rooms across the country.

Health Professionals

With 15% of the loop time dedicated to the practice, health professionals can communicate with their patients as they wait.

SME’s & Global Brands

Allow SME’s as well as global brands to promote themselves to an engaged, context rich audience through professionally developed digital advertising and video.

Quality Entertainment

Entertain the audience with constantly updated news, weather, sports, entertainment and quizzes.

Medical Practices
& Hospitals

Practice Waiting Room

Keeping your patients happy and entertained as they wait is proven to make waiting times seem shorter. This is where Health TV can help.

Our digital screens are a cost free addition to your practice that help entertain, educate and inform your patients as they wait.

Screens are FREE

We install new, non-audio screens into your waiting room AT NO COST TO YOUR PRACTICE and we create an interesting blend of engaging content.

Your Content

15% of the loop time is dedicated to you and allows you to talk to your patients prior to meeting their Health professional. We’ll help you create this content and it can be changed as many times as required.

Quality Entertainment

Alongside your loop is a mix of community focused messages, news, weather, sports, quizzes and both small business and global brand advertising.

Audio Free

The screens are silent which is not only good for your staff but allow all content to be subtitled in the language of your waiting room.

Install a screen FREE OF CHARGE in your practice.

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Solutions for

With an audience of thousands waiting up to 35 minutes, there’s no better way to reach prospective new clients and an engaged audience who have absolute context to their environment.

At Health TV, we have the solutions to help grow your audience and reach.



As a small business ourselves we know what’s important and we’ll support you in getting your message across in a cost effective and measurable way.

We will work with you to create a digital advert that will play 40-50 times every day. We understand that cash flow is king in a small business and so we’ll take a deposit and the remainder can be paid throughout the contract.

We’ll work with you to track calls to action and measure your return on investment and for a small fee you can even take your digital advert and use it outside of Health TV!

An advert with Health TV that runs 40-50 times per day, 6 days a week, for a full year costs less than:

  • One leaflet drop
  • One week of radio advertising
  • One small advert in a daily newspaper
  • One TV advert for one week

If you’d like to promote your business on one of our screens near you, get in touch.

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Global Brands

Our screens reach people when they are thinking about their health. The next person they see is their health professional and so there is no better format or medium to reach this highly valuable audience.

Our technology allows us to report on our audience and engagement and as the network grows the opportunity to reach more and more people develops.

Speak to us now about how you can reach the people you need to reach and engage with our health professional network.

Talk to us about how we can help you reach your audience.

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